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Where the grain still flows

Worldwide, grain is currently a precious resource. With 7.7 million t of grain exported from July 2021 till June 2022, Haropa Port Rouen achieved its third best performance in the last ten years.


The port of Rouen and all its grain operators (Groupe BZ, Simarex, Sénalia, Soufflet-Socomac) had a good 2021-2022. The total result marks an increase of 17.8% compared to 2020-2021, which had totalled 6.5 million t.


In detail, the final figure represents 5.3 million t of common wheat and 2.3 million t of barley. The Rouen terminals received 69 large grain ships (Panamax and more) during the course of 2021-2022.


The Port of Rouen holds a market share of 48% of all French maritime exports. While China is the most important destination for agricultural production exported from Rouen, totalling 1.34 million t, Morocco takes second place with 1.6 million t of wheat and barley.


Flows to West Africa are down at 400,000 t, against almost 1 million t shipped last year. Unusual destinations this year include USA, Mexico, Colombia, the Philippines and Canada. (sh)




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