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Wood transport shifted from road to rail

Czechian carrier CD Cargo has started to transport wood for a sawmill in Retz, Austria, on its own licence - with a locomotive and a driver supplied by DD Cargo. The first consignment transported this way was a complete train made up of Sggmrrs wagons with GigaWood superstructures, loaded in Pribram (Czechia).


The second complete train departed from this station already and others will follow. This wood has so far been shipped by road. One complete train thus saves 34 truck journeys.


In the current crisis situation, CD Cargo has not only lightened the load on Czechia's road network, but, above all, simplified and accelerated cross-border transport of goods to Austria, said CD Cargo. The wagons are also fully deployed in the opposite direction for wood shipments from the Znojmo area to the paper mill in Stetí. (ben)




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