• Connectivity took centre stage at the Int. Transport Forum.

20.07.2015 By: Christian Doepgen

Artikel Nummer: 11054

Work on the basics

With a rather sedated economy, the capacities provided by trade links has taken a back seat of late. Wrongly so, according to the associations Clecat and Fiata, which they underlined in a discussion chaired by the ITJ at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the ability of trade lanes to handle more goods is an important pre-condition for a global economic upswing. The logistical basis for this – improved connectivity – has not been at the centre of the public debate recently, however. The associations Clecat and Fiata sought to move the issue back to centre stage in a panel discussion on the subject at the latest International Transport Forum in Leipzig (Germany).


Connections and finances

The World Bank’s Jean-François Arvis emphasised logistics’ significance as the key everyday basis of global trade. 2014’s Logistics Performance Index (compiled by the bank) is entitled «Connecting to compete», which Arvis said expresses the great importance of connectivity in a nutshell.


Pawel Stelmaszczyk, of the EU’s directorate general for mobility and transport, pointed to the European funds available for trans-national projects. Clecat director general Nicolette van der Jagt underlined the necessity of balancing out the capacities of the EU’s transport corridors and of overcoming bureaucratic bottlenecks. Andrea Galluzzi, the managing director of the EEIG’s railfreight corridor 6, illustrated the practical flow of goods on the basis of a mode of transport.


Link Asia and Europe more closely

Miodrag Pesut, who looks into ways to simplify goods transport at Unece / TIR, spoke in favour of expanding existing corridors. Faster customs clearance options as well as improving infra­structure are important pre-conditions for efficient transport routes, however. Mahmoud Ben Rom­dhane, Tunisia’s transport mini­ster since February, also participated in the event.