• Karl-Heinz Dörhage (links) and Lars Dörhage. Photo: Med-X-Press


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Younger generation takes over the helm at Med-X-Press

Karl-Heinz Dörhage, the founder of the Med-X-Press company, will hand over the running of the business to his son Lars Dörhage on 1 July 2019. Lars Dörhage joined the management back in 2009 and has been playing an active role in shaping the pharma service provider’s business strategy.


Since 2010 Lars Dörhage has also been the company’s production manager. Med-X-Press was founded in 2005 by Karl-Heinz Dörhage to ship sample medicines and swiftly developed into a renowned provider of fulfilment services for the pharma and healthcare industries.


In addition to investments into buildings and equipment, Med-X-Press extended its service portfolio. Staff numbers increased steadily over the years, and now the company employs 350 people in eight regional locations and one office in Switzerland. (mw)




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