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  • Networks are moving closer together in Far Eastern markets too.

20.04.2016 By: Christian Doepgen

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From the Rhine to the Pacific

A new option has been added to railway connections between Western Europe and various regions of the Far East. A train running between Duisburg and the Far East now sets off on a weekly basis. The network in the opposite direction from China to Russia is also developing well.

Links from the German inland hub in Duisburg now stretch as far as the Pacific Ocean, with an open blocktrain called the East World Express started in March. The weekly departures from Duisburg managed by the firm Far East Land Bridge (Felb) connect Central Europe with eastern Russian destinations, locations in other countries of the CIS, China, Japan and South Korea. The service offers transit times of between 14 and 21 days, depending on the destination. The route is operated in cooperation with Duisport, which provides custom clearance, storage, handling and packaging.


It’s in the mix

With successful test runs completed the option is now permanent. Just four weeks after it was opened one of the company’s first own direct trains to and from Duisburg was launched, towards Brest (Belarus). Felb opened a new office in Duisburg to strengthen its on-site sales and operational work for the train.


Freight is also being collected in the Far East. Felb cooperates with RZD Logistics there, a subsidiary of the Russian Railways, and has delivered 30 teu of mixed freight consignments for transport from Suzhou (China) to Yekaterinburg ­(Russia). The delivery times for consignments shipped via the Zabaykalsk-­Manzhouli border checkpoint are two to three times faster than via Russia’s Far Eastern ports with transhipment to the railways. This route, which has been open since February, is expected to be extended to Dongguan (China) too.




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