Regional Focus

05.04.2017 By: Jutta Iten

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Mexican ports on the rise

Mexico is the world’s twelfth-largest export nation, and is even the global No. 10 in the import segment. The country recently set up the so-called Pacific Alliance with Chile, Colombia and Peru, and is simultaneously aiming to intensify relations with China.


Mexico’s northern neighbour USA remains the Latin American country’s lar­gest trading partner. Now the Mexican government is seeking to further diversify its strong economy; firstly by strengthening its trade bloc with three regional partners, and secondly by working on fortifying its relations with the Far East.


Ports a good indicator

The secretaría de comunicaciones y transportes, Mexico’s transport ministry, explained recently that the nation’s ­container gateways are a good example for the returns being reaped from this approach. In 2016 throughput in these facilities grew by 3.2%, to come in at 5.68 million teu, compared with a figure of 5.5 million teu in 2015. Ports on the Pacific Ocean hand­led a total of approximately 3.93 million teu, a rise of 2.6% compared to the 3.83 million teu seen there in 2015.


Manzanillo in the lead

The port of Manzanillo managed 2.58 million teu in the period under review, a 1.6% improvement vis-à-vis the 2.54 million teu handled in the previous year. This statistic kept the hub in first place nationally.


Lázaro Cárdenas was the second-ranked gateway, with an increase of 5.4% to 1.11 million teu (1.05 million teu in 2015). Gateways in the Gulf of Mexico grew by 4.5%, moving from 1.66 million teu in 2015 to 1.74 million teu in the period under review.