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14.03.2014 By: Andreas Haug

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«Pharma» now also from Europe

Barely three years after its introduction in the Latin American market (see ITJ 21-22/2011, p. 43), LAN Cargo now officially send the product on its way from Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Frankfurt (Germany).

Following the latest developments in the airfreight sector, the European pharmaceutical industry now has an alternative for getting its biomedical products directly and reliably to South America. «It took us quite some time to develop all special procedures, train our personnel and instruct our handling partners at the departure and arrival locations, so that the high level of service required by such extremely sensitive goods can be guaranteed,» explained Guido Henke, LAN Cargo’s Director for Europe, looking back on the three years since «Pharma» was first rolled out to customers based in Latin America.


Initially three destinations

At first, it will only be available in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. A total of six of the airline’s B777 freighters will leave the two hubs in western and central Europe every week destined for South America. The destinations offering the «Pharma» service are currently limited to a handful of selected airports.

«It is our intention to expand this service to our passenger aircraft and then to add Guarulhos, the larger of the two airports in São Paulo, in particular, to the list of «Pharma» destinations», Henke said. But this will probably have to wait until the next winter schedule, as the manager admitted at the same time.



The «Pharma» product at a glance

• Pick up in Amsterdam and Frankfurt

• Destination airports: Buenos Aires-Ezeiza (Argentina), Sao Paulo-Viracopos and Cabo Frio (Brazil), as well as Santiago de Chile

• Temperature range: 2°C-8°C and 2°C-25°C, and in Viracopos additionally 15°C-25°C

• Standard work instruction for each route and service level agreement with the LAN Cargo handling partners

• Procedures in accordance with the guidelines of Iata Chapter 17

• Personnel that is trained and certified for «Pharma» handling

• Ongoing retrofitting program

• Use of cooling blankets to avoid temperature deviations

• Damage notification around the clock

• Advance information of all parties who are involved in the cold chain process

• «Pharma» packages leave the temperature-controlled area last and are loaded onto the aeroplane first.




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