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01-04/2013, Consistency and change

2013 has only just started, but it has already provided us with the first very surprising news item of the year – Big Brown has lost interest in taking over TNT, now that the EU’s directorate general for competition has made its rejection of the move clear. That is not only a massive strategic surprise,
but will simultaneously represent a strong pointer for many a corporation. Quite a few major mergers will probably be reanalysed in the light of this decision. The oft-criticised politicians will prove to have set quite a marker with this move, as they already did several times in 2012, imposing fines on
logistics corporations for illegal price collusion. Some may well see this political decision as an impediment to entrepreneurship, but it will nevertheless remain an important guide rail for the economic system, within whose ambit we will have to remain. The extent to which politicians should get involved
in entrepreneurial-operational matters is another issue altogether. Of course, the hope that the new airport in Berlin will open its runways sooner rather than later remains.

It is a great pleasure to note that, after a rather worried end to last year, 2013 is now proving to be characterised more by cautious optimism, and that the delicate little flower is growing. If you look closely, however, then many a voice would appear to have a rather resigned attitude to the economic crisis, with the tenor being that «we hope to be able to repeat our performance from last year.» A little more confidence would not go amiss, but despite numerous positive indicators in the USA and in China, nobody making predictions concerning the future trend wants to be the first to say anything too positive. Let’s hope that confidence will soon bloom a little more.

Our in-house news, in turn, promises renewal. Jutta Iten, our long-serving sea freight expert, is set to pay tribute to her age from March onwards and take it a little easier. We are happy to welcome Antje Veregge, an experienced journalist, to succeed her. Thank you very much for all your reports over the years, Jutta, and welcome to the team, Antje!

I would like to wish you a good start to a happy and successful new year, as well as a pleasant 



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