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01-04/2015 Internationalism and Tolerance

Besides the traditional good wishes for the start of the new year reaching our editorial offices, there were also the up-to-the-minute reports of the tragic events unfolding in Paris. Those well-worn new year’s resolutions (loosing those notorious 2–3 kilos, calling your parents more often, are two classics), which are often made in a routine and frequently almost joky way, were a quantum more serious with some colleagues this year than used to be the case.


The logistics industry can’t live without internationalism. Our readers have to be informed across borders on what people and companies are doing if they want to do business. Our job, in turn, is to report on events and happenings in every country, near or far, to ensure that the goods can be safely transported between their point of dispatch and their final destination. This is why we regularly travel abroad and talk to the people on the ground. For me personally and for the ITJ I hope that these conversations are characterised by tolerance – and simultaneously by a degree of independence and a lack of prejudice. We have always focused on not being bound by borders when reporting on the world and will continue in this vein in the new year.


Internationalism and a presence at significant events all across the world are amongst important aims we seek to fulfil so that you, dear readers, will be well-informed from every corner of the globe.


Here’s to a peaceful 2015!


Jutta Iten






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