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01-04/2016 Opening a new chapter

The new year has started with a degree of continuity that may not be to everyone’s taste. I have to admit, though, that anyone who wanted to paint a bleak picture already found plenty of prompting in 2015, and does not have to find a new hobby at the beginning of 2016 either. The fact that the Chinese stock exchanges are reeling is just one of many para­meters causing the global economy to stumble.


Fiata president Zhao Huxiang, whose new year’s address features exclusively in this issue of the ITJ (see page 34), is also the chairman of Sinotrans, and in this capacity he believes that China’s development is stable, however. Other market observers agree: though most emerging economies may no longer be the growth powerhouses they once were, they will stabilise in 2016, according to the available indicators. Over and above this the economies of the USA and to a lesser extent of Europe too, are doing better than was expected in the past few years.


Entrepreneurs and their clients can look forward to some good news though. FedEx registered a satisfactory Christmas season and was given the green light to take over TNT; and consumer purchases via their smartphones have increased, which should please CEP service providers. Low fuel prices are currently benefiting many firms and the weather conditions were rather mild this winter.


Developments in the Swiss, Austrian and Italian markets – on which we have focused in this issue – are particularly fascinating.


Switzerland and Austria are banking on improved infra­structure. Trans-Alpine rail cargo traffic continues to be supported strongly by both governments, and tunnel construction, especially at the Gotthard and in the Albula valley, is proceeding apace. Austria is additionally ­focusing on inland shipping, which has been given a boost by a new container ­terminal in Enns. After three difficult years of reforms Italy will not rest on its laurels either, and will valiantly implement new business relief packages.


So here’s to your own fresh start into daily business.
We hope our first issue of the year inspires you.

All the best in 2016!


Christian Doepgen
Editor-in-chief / publishing director



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