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01-04/2018 Unexpected highs

Even though it is an old adage that we can only really give an objective assessment of the present once it is in the past, I’d nevertheless like to contravene that today – and with verve. To this end allow me to take a look at some unexpected highs. Our time is not only characterised by surprising mer­gers and acquisitions, but also by a boom that has been predicted only with great reticence and is at best only partially perceived. The global logistics industry’s business activities continued to improve noticeably in the fourth quarter of 2017 and have now, depending on the segment or region that is being analysed, reached a historic high. The results that have supplied this joy cover those for the volumes of maritime cargo or airfreight transported, those of hubs such as China’s port of Ningbo-Zhoushan or Canada’s Montréal, which have released their unaudited figures for 2017, as well as those measuring utilisation rates in the logistics sector in numerous booming regions in the Americas, Asia and Europe. You will find some data showing that Africa has also not been left out of this partially tempestuous growth in this issue of the ITJ. So the industry is doing better than many people think. Let us admit to this fact for once at the start of a new year.



Here at the ITJ we’ve had a few ideas about how we can do some things ­differently and better in 2018. We’re introducing new editorial formats, including ‘In Focus’ in every issue. We’ve also rejuvenated our ‘People and Companies‘ section and extended our portfolio in the internet at Take a look and let us surprise you!



So you can relax and take 2018 with optimism. Based loosely on the words of the Roman poet Martial, “he who also enjoys the past lives twice.” Here’s to a nostalgic view of the past and the present, and to a good start to 2018.


I’m looking forward to many pleasant encounters this year!



Christian Doepgen






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