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09.02.2018 By: Christian Doepgen

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There’s currently that certain something in the air, isn’t there? It’s still a little early for spring in the northern hemisphere – so it’s rather the good results reported by the airfreight segment for 2017 that have shown that the strong developments of the last few quarters are continuing. This is another reason for us to have a look around at the Air Cargo India trade fair in Mumbai from 20–22 February and see what the latest trends are. We hope to meet up with you there!



Another mood that we’re keen to gauge, especially at the beginning of the year, is that of shippers. We were present at the Swiss Shippers’ Council traditional meeting at the beginning of February in Interlaken, where the shipping industry took centre stage. You can get an overview of the sector’s mood and prospects in our “Focus” on page 6 of this issue.



Another key area we’ve focused on in this issue is intermodal transport. Neither the railways’ nor the inland waterways’ full potential is ­being realised by a long chalk. ­Exchanging opinions with terminal operators in the hinterlands, such as France’s Lyon Terminal, is particularly instructive. The river Rhône alone could immediately handle more than four times its current container throughput, for example, if the concomitant basic conditions were in place. So it is possible to decongest the roads.


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