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11-12/2014 Politics, games and business

Football fever is again taking hold around the world, as the football world cup which is to be held in Latin America, in Brazil to be precise, is just around the corner. We at the ITJ are also affected by this, first, because logistics, about which we regularly report, is also a global matter and plays an important role in such major events and, second, because at our publishing house we produce the highly popular World Cup Planner (see advert below), which is seeing huge demand amongst our readers around the world, who all hope to see their own country in the competition for as long as possible.


But, let us take a look beyond the game of football, which many people simply call the «beautiful game», while others look down upon it as «panem et circenses» (or «bread and circuses») which were invented to distract the «people» from economic or political problems, or so writes the Roman poet Juvenal, and we will see that a great deal is happening in our business.


What is more, despite the political unrest in many countries, the forecasts for 2014 are often «cautiously optimistic», as our editor-in-chief Christian Doepgen also explains in his comment today on the basis of annual reports and forecasts published by some major companies (see p. 8). But the seas are becoming increasingly choppy. For instance, competition is plying a major role between individual ports and is conducted with all means available to the parties involved (see pages 11 and 13). They are meant to bring success.


Another route, which is not any less successful, is taken by certain medium-sized companies who consider sustainability and tradition as the backbone of the freight forwarding business. One example in this area can be considered to be Manaco Forwarders in Fort Lauderdale FL, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Its founder, owner and CEO, Melvyn Cozen, spoke with the ITJ (see p. 16).


We hope you enjoy an interesting read of this issue and wish all football fans an exciting pre-tournament period.


Jutta Iten



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