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09.03.2018 By: Christian Doepgen

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11-12/2018 May the force be with them !


For a long time, the subject was frowned upon. Today, however, you can’t spend an evening chatting pleasantly with business partners without mentioning it – politics. The reason is as simple as it is convincing. What is discussed and, more importantly, decided in the corridors and assemblies of power these days affects the transport and logistics industry much more than it used to. Trade itself has become a hot political issue, seemingly pushing economic necessity into the background occasionally.


It’s not always collateral economic damage, frequently caused by headline-grabbing change or conflict – such as the Arab Spring or the Libyan, Yemeni or Congolese conflicts – that impairs trade. The spectrum is far broader than that, as the People’s Republic of China has recently shown, with a ban on the import of waste paper and plastics. This may result in an estimated 50 million t of goods that will not be transported as usual.


The inverse can also apply, however. Politics can also open up or re-open trade routes. Eleven states are set to sign a slimmed-down and revised Trans-Pacific Partnership soon; the EU is negotiating for free-trade agreements with Canada and Japan, amongst others; the United Kingdom is nominating global trade commissioners for the new trade deals it will seek when Brexit has actually been implemented.


Let’s pin our hopes on the good sides of political power!


Here’s to a constructive read, yours


Christian Doepgen




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