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01.04.2021 By: Andreas Haug

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We’re really living through extra­ordinary times. Who would have thought just a short while ago that states such as Israel on the one hand, and Bahrain and the UAE on the other, would come to a peace agreement? Diplomatic ties and direct bilateral trade have started; for weeks now the countries have been establishing new air services between former enemies.


Some major religious festivals are looming on the horizon – Christianity’s Easter, Judaism’s Passover and Islam’s Ramadan – and they are accompanied by news that “Kosher Arabia has started production”. The joint venture with Emirates Flight Catering on board produces kosher menus in the UAE. In Japan there are halal certified airfreight services (see also ITJ Daily of 16 March).


What you think of religion is your own business, but all in all that’s good news, isn’t it?

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