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There are still several weeks to go before the football World Cup kicks off in Brazil, and yet the World Bank has reported that «Germany is world champion again» – of the logistics world. The bank’s logistics index assesses the ability of a country’s infrastructure to perform its tasks, checking whether things such as customs clearance, reliability and punctuality are up to scratch. Germany was already logistics world champion in 2010, when the last World Cup was won by Spain in South Africa. In 2012 Singapore, Hong Kong and Finland took the medals places.


I won’t question the value of the assessment delivered by the cargo companies surveyed here. The slide down the rankings that the above-mentioned trio has experienced – Singapore is now 5th, Hong Kong 15th and Finland 24th – is hardly conceivable in such a short time frame. What to me would appear to be more important is the synopsis of a World Bank / IMF report released in April – namely that economic growth alone does not lead to high living standards.


Andreas Haug
Head of aviation




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