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04.05.2018 By: Marco Wölfli

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This issue of the ITJ doesn’t exactly cover every corner of the globe – but from a geographic point of view it nevertheless connects the dots in very extensive parts of the world. Our two ITJ Specials – focusing on the Maghreb region and on Iran / Central Asia / the Far East – cover the arc from the port of Tanger Med in northern Morocco across the entire Eurasian landmass to the Chinese island of Hainan, from where the HNA Group serves the entire (logistics) world.



Iran is located pretty much between these two (geographical) extremes. The nation’s geostrategic position corresponds to its ambitions. As a transit country between Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region, Iran wants to handle more goods flows in future. This wouldn’t exactly be new, looking at things from a historical perspective. Before the Islamic revolution of 1979, regular lorry transport services linking Europe and Iran were quite common.



Now substantial efforts are required for the country to link up again logistically to the Mediterranean region. Decades of (in)voluntary isolation can’t be done away with at one fell swoop.



Iran’s regional geopolitical counterpart also features broadly in this issue. On page 18 editor-in-chief Christian Doepgen has taken a closer look at the Turkish firm YilPort’s activities in North America. Those who prefer colder climes can travel to Canada or Norway, and read about the latest developments there on pages 10 and 31.




Marco Wölfli




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