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21-22/2014 Don't disturb!

Have you got a minute? – I am guessing that this question will cause you some irritation. Time, even just a minute – who on earth has any spare time? No matter whether you are the chief executive officer of a large corporation, or your job is to support operational processes in a medium-sized enter­prise – the feeling of facing an ever-growing mountain of work is all too familiar to all of us. And we are always pretty quick in finding out who is to blame. It could be an all-too-exacting boss, your demanding family life or the traffic that is once again jam-packed on the roads on your way home. Every one of our working days seems to be fully-booked by the minute. And yet each one of us has the power in our own hands to have a nice little break every now and then.      


I’m addressing the matter of time here because I want to invite you to use this issue of the ITJ to learn about the latest transport and logistics events without any rush. Of course, in these days of instant and around-the-clock information it is tempting to get a quick on-screen news fix in between times. But let us be honest here – how often does this approach enable you to tackle a subject with your undivided attention? Recreation is not only one of the key functions of taking a break from work, but it has been proven that it enhances your creative powers too. Many an issue seems so much clearer after taking even just a short break, and some tasks almost seem to take care of themselves.      


So close the office door, lean back – and help yourself to a little contemplative time. And if you do need some extra news in between times, then I recommend the ITJ Daily, which keeps you up to date with the latest transport industry events every weekday – a quick fix is guaranteed.      


Enjoy your ITJ!      



Antje Veregge

Head of ports and shipping



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