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23-26/2013 Small causes, big effects!

Dear readers,
One aspect that frequently gets neglected in the world of freight forwarders, road hauliers and logisticians is that of securing loads. Inappropriately handling and treating goods that have to be transported is actually a cardinal sin. Even the smallest mistake in this field can lead to a very great loss of goods or even of life. The whole point of securing a load is to make sure that wares arrive at their destination intact after transportation from a manufacturer’s plant. It’s imperative for producers and consumers that all cargo is handed over in a perfect state. It’s not only important that the goods themselves are adequately secured, however, but it’s also paramount that protection is ensured of a) drivers, handlers, loaders and the like, b) other traffic, and c) flora, fauna and the environment.
In the supply chain the securing of loads starts with the packaging. Correctly packing goods to be transported is absolutely crucial.


While a shipper is obliged by law to ensure that his goods are transported safely, in reality theory and practice are often miles apart. One of the reasons is that the costs of packing, securing and transporting goods are frequently considered to be no more than an inconvenience. Such a way of looking at this aspect falls far short of the crux of the matter – for in the worst case even a tiny little mishap can cause enormous costs,
or even completely destroy an entire company.


Robert Altermatt
Head of Forwarding & Logistics


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