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The action has finally started at the football World Cup in Russia. This year’s biggest sporting event was preceded by substantial investment in national infrastructure, an effort which also called on the transport sector’s contribution. The economic stimulus that the World Cup can trigger in Russia is more than welcome today; but the long-term benefits arising from such major occasions are frequently rather modest. Football is on everyone’s lips not only in Russia these days, but all over the world. In this issue you’ll find a lot of articles showing up how logistics and football are connected.



Talking about connections – if you’ve been wondering where your ITJ Daily has been over the past few days, don’t put it down to an early summer break for the ITJ. It could well be due to the well-known GDPR. The introduction of these new EU regulations makes your express approval ne­ces­sary in order for you to continue to receive the ITJ Daily. Just get in touch with us, we’ll immediately ensure the ITJ Daily, with its plethora of industry news, soon lands in your in-box again.     



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