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Sustainable is undoubtedly one of the most over-used terms of the last two decades. The term was first used more than 300 years ago, and Hans Carl von Carlowitz was one of the first people to use the term scientifically, in the context of forestry management to provide a sustainable yield. Over the centuries the concept then evolved into the sustainability propagated by individuals as well as industry today.


Our segment isn’t an exception in. Thus the next step forward – from sustainability to e-commerce, with its positive influence on the environment – isn’t far away. In almost every announcement of a new option (see page 39) or initiative (see page 5) and in almost every interview (see pages 14, 17 and 36) the sustainability of a measure is either the central or at least a prime concern.


Beyond this the industry has been making big efforts since the end of the 20th century to add green and environment-­friendly logistics to its services. It is thus not without a certain degree of pride that we can all say that the term green logistics has become a household word worldwide.


Jutta Iten




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