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What Germany failed to do at the football World Cup recently, the ­country achieved in logistics instead – it defended its title as world champion. The overall significance of the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) may be controversial, but the transparent global comparison nevertheless carries some weight.


Europe’s increased dominance at the top of the list is striking. Just two countries that are not from the old continent – Japan and Singapore – are ranked in the top ten. The Europeans should not be too proud of this state of affairs, however – the margins separating the top dogs are too small for that. A mere 0.32 points separate second-placed Sweden from the 20th, Canada.


There may be regular shifts between the prosperous industrial nations, it’s true, but overall, the group remains rather homogenous in the LPI 2018 too. The biggest changes have taken place further down the list. Vietnam’s development, for example, is particularly impressive. It rose by 25 places to 39th, leaving countries such as India, Mexico and Turkey in its wake.



Marco Wölfli




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