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25.08.2017 By: Marco Wölfli

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asian free web cam The railway line between Rastatt and Baden-Baden in Germany has been closed for the past two weeks. The blockage had a major impact on the ­entire transport industry, and on the north–south corridor in particular, and pushed many a logistician to his ­limits. This was particularly noticeable in ­Basel, our home town and a key transport node. ­Forwarders were greatly put out by the extra efforts required and ­desperately sought alternative routes and transport solutions.

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free amature webcam porn Criticism of the German state railway Deutsche Bahn is growing in both Switz­er­land and Germany. ­Forwarders’ annoyance is understandable. Whilst passenger services were quickly reorganised, the solutions offered to railfreight operators seemed unsatis­factory. Once the route becomes useable again it will still take a long time to clear the freight backlog.

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flirt mania We can but hope that the incident has caused the railtrack operators to rethink their approach. Goods transport also needs a plan B if and when the next interruption happens. There must be an alternative ready for when key railway lines are down.

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