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39-40/2014 Sustainable development

Sustainability is a very fashionable word – and it is well past its prime. But outside the field of ecology – where it is quite overused – we need the concept more than ever. In an era in which corporate decisions are based on quarterly reports and managerial accounting’s forecasts; in which crucial infrastructure projects depend on a politician’s period in office; and in which important news reaches people as events are still unfolding – in these times key measures’ long-term viability is surely a desirable virtue.


Sustainable logistics growth is a concept that both the Fiata World Congress and the Turkish forwarders’ association Utikad will be propagating at the forthcoming industry meeting in Istanbul. There is no lack of ambition at the Bosphorus, as the country’s energetic targets illustrate. It wants to arrive at the forefront of the world economy by the time the republic’s 100th anniversary comes around in the year 2023. Logistics is expected to play a decisive role in this process. The industry will surely be the talk of the town during the Fiata week in the largest Turkish metropolis.


In Greece, however, many of the country’s logistics enter­prises feel a bit lost at sea. The big storm has passed, but the aftermath of the turmoil is still being battled. So it is encou­raging when competitors team up to try out new ways of collaborating and of safeguarding their common interests. In the «worst» case they can even conquer new markets. There are examples aplenty in this issue.


Besides our usual in-depth reports on every mode of transport in this Fiata issue of the ITJ, you’ll also find a Special on Greece, the Black Sea region, and Turkey; another Special on Asia – in which we shine a light on some less-well-known aspects of the latest developments and opportunities in the still-growing region – and our Airfreight supplement. The latter industry also receives many an impulse from Asia, and the sector is once again more optimistic that its volumes and margins will continue their slow but steady rise.


For many of us the months of September and October are the time when we once again gather lots of air miles ­attending the industry’s important conferences and meetings. Events scheduled in the USA, South Korea, Turkey and in the Mediterranean region – amongst many others – have been pencilled into the ITJ’s agenda.


We’re looking forward to catching up with you and your news – no matter where we meet.



Christian Doepgen




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