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02.10.2020 By: Christian Doepgen

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41-42/2020 Constant change



Having already experienced a lot of volatility in 2020, we would now appear to have entered an era of change. It’s easier this year than in most others to accept the fact that nothing ever stays the same. One of the shoulders we could lean on in these days of uncertainty has been our connection to our home patch of ground, which felt closer than ever before during the lockdown.



The same can be said for our colleague Marco Wölfli. After three years of enthusiastic work for the ITJ he hasn’t been able to resist the siren call of his home town Bern. Marco will now work in the field of political PR – so it’s his home town’s role as the capital and political centre of the country that has deprived the Swiss railway SBB of one of the regulars on its trains between Basel and the home of the current Swiss football champion YB.


Thanks Marco! All the best – and till soon in FC Basel’s stadium?


Christian Doepgen




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