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49-52/2014 Years fly by, seconds plod along

You won’t have needed the decorations garlanding many a shop these days to realise that it is Advent again. 2014 will shortly be history. If you (like me) are one of those people for whom the years seem to pass ever more quickly, take heart. Not only are you part of the silent majority, but your perception is also completely logical – though it may be so in a different way than you think.


I believe all of us agree with the proposition that time seems to pass more slowly when you’re waiting, compared to when you’re in an active phase. In retrospect, interestingly enough, the effect is apparently reversed. We remember a waiting period as short, and a moment of activity, in contrast, as long – even if, objectively speaking, the facts were just the opposite. This brings the weighting back into sync.


If this paradox bothers you, you’ll be consoled by the fact that the human sense of time is not particularly well deve­loped. Psychologists working at Berlin’s Charité university hospital have found out that we only guess a length of time correctly if it is less than three seconds. And respondents with a calm pulse are more accurate guessers. So breathe deep: 2014 wasn’t so short after all!


We don’t want to close our anniversary year, in which we celebrated our 75th birthday, without a present for you from the ITJ. To round off the year we’re once again enclo­sing our gift map, entitled «All round the world». This flat globe allows you to envisage all the places your goods, business activities, service providers and customers took you this year. Or you can use it to look ahead and forge your plans. Which regions that are still terra inco­gnita for you do you want to fill up in 2015? In any case, we wish you lots of fun in the world in the coming twelve months.


Merry Christmas, a happy new year and a good start to 2015!


Christian Doepgen





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