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Deutscher Logistik-Kongress 2019

23 – 25 October 2019, Berlin, Germany


International Supply Chain Conference

Inspire – Encourage – Act


“Inspire – Encourage – Act” is the theme for the 2019 International Supply Chain Conference. The shifting political and social landscape and the dynamic developments on the technology front need to be met with spirited action, inspiration and mutual encouragement – the central ideas behind this theme.


This is a call to action, an appeal to overcome German “angst” and to address economic, political and social challenges with courage and commitment. To inspire others in areas like digitalisation, new technology, human-machine interaction and new working time models. To actually put ideas into practice rather than just talking about them or finding reasons why everything is so difficult. In the era of lean production, our strategy was to try out new ideas, review the outcomes, optimise the parameters and go again. This strategy is as relevant today as it was then. Technology and IT are advancing so rapidly that looking on, waiting to see what happens or engaging in lengthy planning processes simply won’t get the job done.




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