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28.03.2024 By: Andreas Haug

Artikel Nummer: 49050

ITJ 15-16/2024

Dear readers,

One day before the terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, just outside Moscow proper, on 22 March, the 28th TransRussia trade fair came to an end at the same venue. Previously the ITJ used to mark the occasion of the trade fair by publishing a supplement in Russian (in Cyrillic script) every year. Unfortunately this hasn’t been a part of our programme of visits anymore since 2022.

This year the ITJ team’s programme of visits to follow the latest trends in the industry for you has already seen us fly our flag in São Paulo, Verona, Hong Kong and Paris. As always, you’ll find details of our interesting exchanges there on our LinkedIn channel and in our ITJ Daily newsletter – as well as in our printed journal, of course (see page 8).

The next events with the ITJ’s presence are just around the corner – including the new Logistics & Transports Expo, which will take place in Thessaloniki for the first time (11 – 13 April) and which is the occasion for this edition’s regional focus.

On top of this we’ll be putting on an ITJ event of our own soon – more on this later!

In the meantime, here’s to your stimulating read of this issue!

Andreas Haug

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