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ITJ 19-20/2023 From Mexico to Kochi via the Cape!

Dear readers,


Sensations attract most attention, there’s no way around that. Bad news is good for publishers. Isn’t it?


No! Firstly, there’s good news even in the worst of times. And secondly, in our world of rampant scepticism and short attention spans, there’s room for good ideas, successful firms and courageous pioneers.


At least, that’s how the team at the ITJ approached it again in this issue when it came to looking at the latest developments in the global transport and logistics industry. Would you like some examples?


The brand-new CPKC brand – a hybrid made up of Canadian Pacific (CP) and Kansas City Southern (KCS) – has made it, 18 months after an investment of USD 31 billion made it the first freight railway to connect all three North American countries Canada, USA and Mexico. An achievement that will save the mileage of about 64,000 trucks and an estimated 1.9 million t of GHG emissions a year.


In India, on the other hand, the inland waterways carried more than 126 million t of cargo in 2022, 16% more than last year’s record volume. And in South Africa, finally, state-owned Transnet is set to use a leasing firm to attract private investors to logistics projects.


See? I told you it can work. If you’d like to learn more – welcome to stand A5 200 at Messe München!



Christian Doepgen








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