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18.08.2023 By: Christian Doepgen

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ITJ 31-35/2023

Dear readers,

Are you also in something of a mixed mood? The long boom was followed by a rather hard landing in many segments of the economy in the second quarter of this year. Now the second half of 2023 is looming – with even more pessimistic forecasts.

Maersk expects global container volumes to fall further, by around 1 – 4%. According to the Xeneta platform, in turn, shippers are expected to have the upper hand over air carriers and freight forwarders when it comes to rate negotiations in autumn.

This outlook is likely to dampen the mood on their return to their desks for those who had some time off in summer. But fear not. It’s been scientifically proven that the post-holiday syndrome, that is to say a low mood after you’ve once again swapping the beach for the office, only lasts for the first week after the holidays. So keep the sand from Hawaii in your shoes and take a spirited approach to the rest of the year.

You can find reasons for this approach not only in the realisation that accelerating and braking are phases that belong to each other like twins. Catching your breath is a prerequisite for a strong future performance.

And last but not least, don’t under­estimate your potential. Not everyone can turn a downturn into an upswing, but for many of us it may at least turn into a throughswing.

Enjoy your read!
Christian Doepgen


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