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03.11.2023 By: Christian Doepgen

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ITJ 45-46/2023

Dear readers,


It doesn’t always have to be a global initiative, such as the European Union’s ‘Global Gateway’. You can often find good things on the doorstep of your own office, as with our industry’s ‘Logistics Cluster for the Basel Region’.


The private-public partnership has flown the regional logistics flag since it was launched in 2011 in Basel – the ‘capital of Swiss logistics’. It became abundantly clear how much is happening in the region in our industry at the logistics cluster’s recent ‘13th Forum’.


Amongst its goals is to hone the public perception of our industry, whose profile is so much higher since 2020 and the lockdowns; accompany projects for greater sustainability; secure strategic infrastructure; provide skilled workers; and drive innovation, for example in the field of digitalisation. A Herculean overarching task that’s so very important.


Now the ‘Logistics Cluster for the Basel Region’ has named Gian Carlo Alessi – aka ‘Gian Cargo’, an industry professional and a trusted champion of the region – as its next president from January 2024. Basel is one of the beating hearts of logistics.



Christian Doepgen




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