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ITJ 49-52/2022

Dear readers,

Are we witnessing a turning point in world trade? The OECD’s figures show that trade managed to return to its previous level after the global financial crisis of 2008 / 2009, but after the equally massive pandemic shock of 2020 / 2021, trade has exploded.

From Q3 / 2020 to Q3 / 2022, imports into the G20 group of countries as a whole rose by 43.5%. Imports into the USA rose by 35.6%, into the EU by 41.8% and into China by 28.3%. So is the current slump in demand a breather or the end of the entire post-war era, as some analysts are murmuring? Speculation is cheap.

The facts, however, are that in 2022 the transport and logistics industry is likely to have made the best of two long-sought-after and highly desirable assets – an all-time high, and standing in the public limelight. It’s still unclear whether our industry will be able to turn these into ongoing resources.

In any case, don’t be robbed of your peace of mind in the contemplative days coming in the Atlantic region. Here’s to a relaxing holiday season, merry Christmas and a happy 2023!

Christian Doepgen



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