11-12/2018 May the force be with them ! Ausgaben For a long time, the subject was frowned upon. Today, however, you can’t spend an evening chatting pleasantly with business partners without mentioning it – politics. The reason is as simple as it is convincing. What is discussed and, more importantly, decided in the corridors...  more

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09-10 2018 Ausgaben

go to link We’re living in a golden age. This impression becomes all the stronger if we study the business results of some of the major logistics enterprises. Talk therein is of “record years”, “exceeded targets“, and “strong performances”. A similarly euphoric mood was last observed ten...  more

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07-08/2018 Ausgaben There’s currently that certain something in the air, isn’t there? It’s still a little early for spring in the northern hemisphere – so it’s rather the good results reported by the airfreight segment for 2017 that have shown that the strong developments of the last few quarters...  more


05-06/2018 Ausgaben Airbus and Boeing both had good years, with record numbers of orders and deliveries. The fact that full-freighters only played an exceedingly marginal role therein is not the end of the world, in the light of the extremely spacious mo­dern passenger units that can carry quite...  more


01-04/2018 Unexpected highs Ausgaben

nude strip cam Even though it is an old adage that we can only really give an objective assessment of the present once it is in the past, I’d nevertheless like to contravene that today – and with verve. To this end allow me to take a look at some unexpected highs. Our time is not only...  more


49-52/2017 For and with you Ausgaben An eventful logistics year is coming to an end, and I hope that most of the things you wished for a year ago have come true! As your ITJ editor covering the airfreight sector, above all, I’ve been highly delighted by the industry’s impressive growth for almost the entire year....  more


47-48/2017 We depend on talent Ausgaben Logistics is one of those sectors of the economy in which the lack of trained employees is particularly noticeable. I’m not talking here about the debate concerning the lack of lorry drivers, which has been going on for more than a decade now. Nor am I saying that this problem...  more


45-46/2017 Fiji is everywhere Ausgaben   The 23rd UN Climate Change Conference is set to take place in Bonn (Germany) soon, starting just after this issue of the ITJ hits the newsstands, and closing again on 17 November, the publication day of the next edition of the ITJ. Fiji will be chairing the meeting, but it...  more


43-44/2017 A level playing field Ausgaben

here Malaysia’s economy has performed better than expected in recent months. The country’s corporate landscape is changing from that of a commodities supplier to an industrial hub. The economic growth can also be observed at the large ports of Port Klang, Tanjung Pelepas and...  more


41-42/2017 Take heart and be constructive Ausgaben

source link The omnipresence of media coverage of the German general election overshadowed the anniversary of a major transport industry event from a quarter of a century ago – the inauguration of the last section of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal on 25 September 1992. Max Streibl,...  more

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