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(pb) Patricia Büeler

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Rüdiger Arndt (Ferrol)

Dr André Ballin (Moscow)

Claudia Behrend (Hamburg)

Eckhard Boecker (Kisdorf)

Lutz Ehrhardt (Hamburg)

Bob Jaques (London)

Erwin Kartnaller (Baden)

Kerstin Kloss (Hamburg)

Michael Mackey (Bangkok)

Nicola Mazzi (Tessin)

Manik Mehta (New York)

Josef Müller (Vienna)

Thola Nzuza (Pretoria)

Olaf Proes (Hamburg)

Katja Ridderbusch (Atlanta)

Angelo Scorza (Genoa)

Frank Stier (Sofia)









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Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malta, Central and Eastern Europe, the Maghreb / North Africa, the Balkan states, the Baltic states, Central Asia, Denmark, Israel.

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French and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland, Finland, Swisstrans, Worldtrans, Swiss Shipping Guide, Propeller Club Yearbook.

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