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2023: a time for total cargo management solutions

Launched one year ago as one of ten modules of its "Augmented GSSA" concept, ECS Group's "All-In" option is expecting an increase in demand.


With 15 dedicated employees at its Paris headquarters, ECS Group is operating on behalf of nine airlines, in 180 airports and from a steadily growing number of live stations – currently 217 – that are being audited on a regular basis.


In spite of a sharp change from excess demand to excess supply within a few months, ECS Group managed 2,300 t of cargo on behalf of airlines under All-In contracts in 2022.


ECS Group is expecting a 30% rise in this tonnage in 2023 due to a strong increase in airlines’ frequency in this post-pandemic period. With the demand for leisure travel still booming, this upward trend is expected to continue, thus providing additional capacity and business opportunities for the GSSA. (ah)




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