• From left: Lars Kirchner (Kögel), Ferdinand Kloiber (Kloiber) and Rudolf Nerdinger (Kögel)


Artikel Nummer: 3500

50 Kögel Megas and 15 container chassis for Kloiber

Kloiber GmbH, based in Petershausen near Dachau and the largest container logistics company in Bavaria (Germany), is incorporating 50 new Kögel Mega semi-trailers and 15 Kögel Port 40 Simplex into its fleet. The new container chassis will be used in the company’s container depots in Munich and Augsburg. In addition to the ten Kögel Megas used so far, an additional 50 units will be used for just-in-time logistics by a global commercial vehicle manufacturer with its headquarters in Bavaria. Kögel is one of the three leading trailer manufacturers in Europe. Since its foundation in 1934 it has produced more than 500,000 vehicles. (ben)



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