• Photo: American Airlines Cargo


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AA Cargo awaiting Valentine's Day rush

Just like its staff at Tokyo NRT, American Airlines is gearing up for one of its busiest holidays of the year, shipping flowers, plants, chocolates and gifts all around the globe to help millions of people celebrate Valentine’s Day (14 February).


Throughout 2017, the airline shipped roughly 25 t of flowers per day. Considering a typical flower weighs less than 10 g, that’s a mind-boggling amount of blossoming cargo, mostly originating from locations such as Ecuador, Costa Rica and Colombia, where warm weather creates an ideal year-round growing season.


More than half of the flower tonnage was shipped out of Amsterdam (AMS) into the USA. Growth is expected for 2018, now that the airline has implemented a new direct service to Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), providing additional support for this "blooming" business. (ah)


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