• Straddle delivery at Port Synergy, (c) E. Bonici.


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Additional equipment for Le Havre and Marseille

Announced at the beginning of 2019, the first new generation of hybrid straddle carriers have arrived at the terminals of the Port Synergy Group in France. It was in Marseille that the group received the first delivery of its first ten new hybrid straddle carriers at its Fos terminal - by sea.


The whole order in the first quarter of 2019 was about 32 units to support the growth of its two terminals. The split is the following: 20 straddle carriers are destined for the Eurofos terminal in Fos sur Mer and 12 straddle carriers are destined for the GMP terminal in Le Havre. The remaining ten straddle carriers for Marseille will be delivered within 15 days.


The straddle carriers bound for the GMP terminal in Le Havre will be delivered mid-November 2019. If the two terminals of the group already use Kalmar straddle carriers with diesel-electric engines, the new hybrid straddle carriers will allow significant fuel savings (up to -20%) as well as a significant reduction in CO2 emissions (up to 50 t per year). (fd)



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