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Airbus deal with South African providers

Airbus has signed cooperation agreements with Denel Aerostructures and Aerosud, two South African aviation companies. Following an international tender process, Aerosud was awarded a contract in November 2013 for the manufacture of a variety of parts and assemblies for the new Airbus A400M military transport aircraft. The company was successful despite tough competition from established aerospace suppliers.


This achievement was on the back of its earlier selection for two production packages for the new Airbus A350 commercial airliner, the rapid growth of production volumes for its existing single-source contracts for parts manufacture for the Airbus A320 family, and its receipt of the fourth contract renewal for the manufacture of parts and assemblies for the similarly successful Boeing B737 aircraft.


Aerosud is now well positioned for substantial growth of its production capacity, skills profile and associated facilities. The company is heading towards producing in excess of 1.4 million parts and assemblies per annum for Airbus, Boeing, and their super tier 1 suppliers Spirit Aerosystems (Europe and USA) and Labinal. This output is substantial, even by international standards.



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