• From left: Gilles Peterhans (UIP), Neele Wesseln ( NEE), Dirk Flege (Allianz Pro Schiene), Malte Lawrenz (VPI) and Michael Sikorski (VDV). Photo: VPI


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An efficient rail 4.0 strategy requires key technology

The six largest associations in Europe’s railfreight industry, Allianz pro Schiene, NEE, VDB, VDV and UIP are convinced that a digital automatic coupling (DAK) is essential for guaranteeing efficient railfreight services. Together they presented the DAK charter at the 10th symposium in Hamburg, Germany.


The associations demand the installation of the key technology to implement an efficient rail 4.0 strategy across Europe. Specifically, the associations demand to increase research on digital automatic coupling, to determine a European timetable for the refurbishing of the fleets and to ensure funding for the transformation process.


The experts estimate that it will cost roughly six to ten million euros to install the new technology in all wagons and locomotives across the European network. (ben)




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