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BelugaXL readied for electrical power-up

The first of five Airbus BelugaXL super transporters is well advanced in the build-up process. The project is on schedule for power-on process start at the end of this year. Three-quarters of the structural assembly has been built for the outsized aircraft in Toulouse (France).


The next major step will be to assemble the front main deck cargo door (photo). That is scheduled for the beginning of December, when the second aircraft starts its final assembly process. The three remaining airlifters will follow at a rate of one per year.


The first take-off is scheduled for next summer. Derived from the freighter version of the A330-200, the BelugaXL is 6 m longer, 1 m wider and its payload lifting capacity is 6 t greater than the current Beluga A300-600ST (56.15 m, 44.84 m, 47 t).


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