• Captain Y. S. Hwang. Photo: CINS


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Captain Y. S. Hwang elected CINS chairman

CINS, the cargo incident notification system, has elected Captain Y. S. Hwang (Evergreen Marine) as its new chairman. In addition, the CINS board has chosen Uffe V. Ernst-Frederiksen (Maersk Line) as its deputy chairman.


“I’m looking forward to undertaking this challenging role for CINS and the industry that the organisation represents,” said Captain Hwang. “My role is to lead CINS forward on a path towards the development of improved safety in the logistics chain and the promotion of best practice in the shipment of all types of containerised cargoes.”


He continued: “I would like to thank Ernst-Frederiksen for his work as chairman. During his chairmanship, he has launched many important initiatives, and the membership has also grown significantly.” Captain Hwang is an experienced container shipping industry professional. An Evergreen employee for over 25 years, he holds a UK MCA master unlimited certificate of competency and is an active Evergreen fleet captain. (mw)




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