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Cargo with wind under its wings

CMA CGM Group, Ademe Investissement, Neoline Développement, Corsica Ferries and Louis Hardy SAS are jointly investing a total of EUR 60 million in building the first sailing cargo ship of the neoliner class. Additional financing has also been granted by the Banque des Territoires, in the form of bonds for EUR 3.8 million, and by the Pays de la Loire Region, through a reimbursable advance of EUR 1.3 million.


The 136 m long ro-ro vessel, with two 76 m high carbon masts, will be mainly propelled by its 3,000 sqm sail area.


For port manoeuvres and punctuality of service, the vessel will also be equipped with an auxiliary engine and MGO (Marine Gasoil) desulphurised generators (each exhaust will be equipped with SCR, selective catalytic reduction, to suppress nox emissions) as well as three transverse thrusters.


Its loading capacity will be 1,200 linear metres (2.8 m wide), or 265 teu, for a maximum weight of 5,300 t of goods. (sh)




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