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Collaborative aviation climate action

see The aviation sector joined other business and government groups at the UN's climate summit in New York to announce a commitment on climate action between the International Civil Aviation Organization (Icao), a UN specialized agency, and the aviation industry represented by the Air Transport Action Group (Atag). This partnership expands on work already being undertaken across the air transport sector to reduce emissions from this important global industry.


Aviation operations currently produce around 2% of human CO2 emissions, a figure set to increase. Recognizing the need for all industries to undertake long-term climate action, the aviation sector has an ambitious and robust path to lower emissions.


Governments, industry and civil society are currently working at Icao to develop a global market-based measure which will contribute to stabilizing the sector’s net CO2 emissions from 2020. Aviation industry organizations have further committed to reducing net air transport CO2 emissions by 2050 to half of what they were in 2005.


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