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DHL must lower prices

On 1 January 2020, DHL raised the package prices for private customers by an average 3%. The company had informed the German federal network agency about the planned price increases already in autumn 2019 and had demonstrated their compliance with postal law regulations.


The federal network agency however contended that the new prices were too high. Therefore, the agency initiated proceedings for a retroactive pay review against DHL. The federal network agency claimed that the price increases would generate much higher earnings than DHL's estimates.


Although the company does not share this view, it will revoke the price increases to avoid a perhaps protracted legal battle with an uncertain outcome. But this revocation will come into effect only on 1 May, since the company has to implement the necessary readjustments of IT systems and customer information at more than 24,000 collection points.


Until then, the current prices remain in full force and effect. As from 1 May the prices for private customers will revert to the levels that were valid until 31 December 2019. (mw)




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