• New digital generation in Fort-de-France.


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Digital transformation project in the Caribbean

In Martinique, the company responsible for managing the cargo community system (CCS), Port+, has renewed its partnership with MGI by choosing Ci5, the cargo intelligent system (CiS) developed by Marseille Gyptis International (MGI) in Marseille (France).


Martinique was the first community in the Caribbean to roll out AP+ (Ci5’s predecessor) in 2007 and Airport+ for paperless air transport flows in 2011. By implementing Ci5 in Fort de France, the Martinique port and airport business community has placed itself at the forefront of digital transformation and the Caribbean Smart Port.


With Ci5-features such as mobile technology, real-time goods tracking, in-depth user information for better activity management and greater interoperability with partner systems, Port+ offers its clients a community information system focused on the Smart Port. (fd)




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