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ECS Group: full speed ahead

In addition to the interview on p. 14 of the ITJ 49-52/2019 published today, 6 December 2019, CEO of the ECS Group Adrien Thominet (right, pictured with president Bertrand Schmoll) said that the GSSA will continue to resolutely pursue its transformation strategy in 2020:


"Where digitalisation is concerned, we are working on new solutions to reduce the process costs for the airlines we serve. These solutions are already included in TCM (total cargo management) contracts, such as messaging, fuel management, etc. We are also focusing on the design of web portal solutions for booking and on honing our tools for business intelligence. Next year we intend to offer all these solutions à la carte, independent of GSA services.”


Asked about his group’s geographical objectives, he told the ITJ: "External growth is of course part of our development strategy, particularly in the Asian market.” (ah)


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