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Encouraging emerging markets logistics index

With China still on top, followed by Saudi Arabia exchanging its rank with Brazil, and Indonesia with India, Agility’s emerging markets logistics index for 2015 that was presented to the global media yesterday (19 January) revealed that dynamism in Asean, GCC countries, Sub-Saharan Africa and the large, next-tier economies of Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Mexico and Pakistan is offsetting mixed performance in the Bric countries that powered emerging markets growth in recent years.


The index, now in its sixth year, ranks 45 emerging markets according to on their size, business conditions, infrastructure and other factors that make them attractive for investment by logistics companies, air cargo carriers, shipping lines, freight forwarders and distribution companies.


Other index findings include the best "market compatibility" of the Gulf states UAE, Qatar and Oman, the best "connectivity" of the UAE, Malaysia, China, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Chile, and the Philippines climbing three spots (to number 16) in the data portion of the index – after jumping nine spots in the 2014 index. It also revealed that Russia's growing economic isolation has damaged its appeal to logistics and supply chain professionals.




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