• Photo: Kherson airport


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Eurocontrol to support recovery of air traffic

The 41 Eurocontrol member states have entrusted the organisation with a new task – the creation of voluntary solidarity funds in support of member states in air traffic crisis situations due to reasons beyond their control.


The member states also asked the agency to establish and manage two specific funds, one in the form of a donation to Ukraine and Moldova of EUR 46.5 million and one in the form of a loan of EUR 46.1 million to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The funds will be used to cover staff and training costs as well as any other costs needed to ensure operational readiness and continuity when air traffic recovers.


Eamonn Brennan, director general of Eurocontrol: “This decision allows us together to take collective action to provide support and funding to ensure the longer-term viability of air traffic control in any State that is impacted in such a way now and in the future.” (cj)




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