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Fiata welcomes "all-in" air freight rates

Recent statements of some airlines' freight divisions announcing their policy to return to a simplified "all-in" rate structure that eliminates the various surcharges (fuel, security etc) is welcome. The simplification of rate structures will be a significant benefit to forwarders and shippers alike.


Forwarders have wanted these surcharges to be dispensed with for a very long time as they are opaque and complex, and make it difficult to quote a definite price for air cargo transport, which the shippers are able to understand.


The fuel surcharge has come under significant criticism in recent months as fuel prices continue to fall. Rodolfo Sagel, Fiata's airfreight institute chairman, believes this is a long-awaited move in the right direction that may be supportive of transparency.


Transparency along the entire supply chain is generally applauded by Fiata, its members and by international freight forwarders' clients. Fiata believes that the move by some carriers towards all-in rates may be the precursor to many other airlines following suit.


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